Genesys Cloud Services terms and conditions

Direct customers 

The following terms and conditions apply to customers who purchase Genesys Cloud Services directly from Genesys.

Additional provisions for direct customers

Additional country and/or region-specific provisions located below will apply to Customer when accessing the Cloud Services from the referenced country(ies) or region(s). If Customer purchases Pointillist Services, the Pointillist Addendum located below applies.

Indirect customers

The following terms and conditions are applicable to Genesys partners for use when reselling Genesys Cloud Services.

Note:  If you signed a Services Order with Genesys before December 3, 2021 and need a copy of the applicable terms and conditions, contact your Genesys sales representative.   

Revision history

Revision date Revision details
 December 12, 2022
Updated Genesys Cloud End User Agreement indirect terms to align with new Genesys Cloud direct terms.
 March 7, 2023 Updated the Pointillist Addendum for direct customers to remove the Exhibit 1 SLA.