Service level agreements

Severity levels

Severity is defined as the impact an issue has on the customer’s ability to conduct business. Restoration targets are based on the severity level assigned to an incident by PureCloud Customer Care.

Priority is defined as the customer designated level of importance and is used as a weighting factor when defining the severity level of an incident. 

PureCloud Customer Care orders issues based on the severity level..

Issue severity Definition
1 – Critical impact (code red)  The customer is experiencing a severe problem resulting in an inability to perform a critical business function. There is no workaround.
2 – High impact  The customer is able to perform job functions but performance is degraded or severely limited.
3 – Medium impact  The customer’s ability to perform job functions is largely unaffected, but noncritical functions or procedures are unusable or hard to use. A   workaround is available.
4 – Low impact  PureCloud is available and operational; trivial impact to customer’s business operations or customer requires information or assistance on the   PureCloud Service capabilities or configuration.

The characteristics set forth in the above table are used to identify the criteria for the severity of a customer’s case. The assigned severity level for an issue may be mutually redetermined by both Genesys and the customer during the issue resolution process, but Genesys shall have the final authority as to the actual severity designation.

Target initial response times

All target initial response times apply to business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm customer local time. Severity 1 or critical impacting incidents are supported and responded to 24x7x365.

Note: Reproducible errors that cannot be resolved promptly are escalated for further investigation and analysis.
Severity level Standard initial response time
1 – Critical impact (Code Red)

 Severe impact or degradation to the customer’s business operations caused by intermittent disruption of Genesys PureCloud Service.

 Response target: 10 min. (phone)

2 – High impact

 Genesys PureCloud Service is available and operational; moderate impact to the customer’s business operations.

 Response target: 1 business hour (web)

3 – Medium impact

 Genesys PureCloud Service is available and operational; nominal adverse impact to the Customer’s business operations.

 Response Target: 2 business hours (web)

4 – Low impact


 Genesys PureCloud Service is available and operational; no impact to the Customer’s business operations or the Customer requires   information or assistance on the Genesys PureCloud Service capabilities or configuration.

 Response Target: 1 business day (web)

Time to restore and Time to resolve platform-level issues

The objective of PureCloud Customer Care is to restore functionality as quickly as possible. 

Time to restore is the amount of time a customer is impacted before functionality is restored. Time to restore targets are based on the assigned severity. 

Time to resolve is the amount of time it takes to resolve the root cause of an issue. 

Time to restore and time to resolve apply only to Platform Level issues. Issues that impact a single customer are not Platform Level issues.

Target restoration times

PureCloud Customer Care analysts aim to reach restoration of your issue within the following target restoration times.  

Severity Restoration target
1 – Critical   4 hours
2 – High   2 business days
3 – Medium  5 business days
4 – Low  NA

SLAs and credits

We will make the PureCloud Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and use commercially reasonable best efforts to provide 100% uptime, except for the following “Uptime Exclusions”: (i) occasional planned downtime at non-peak hours (for which we will provide advance notice); or (ii) any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including failure or delay of your Internet connection, misconfiguration by you or any third party acting on your behalf, issues on your network, or telecommunications services contracted directly by you.

However, if our service uptime falls below the following thresholds in any one month billing cycle (not including any Uptime Exclusions), you may request a credit within thirty (30) days after the month in which the uptime fell below threshold. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to request credit. Upon Customer’s valid request, we will provide upon customer request the stated credit against the following month’s invoice. For annual term contracts, we will provide the applicable credit refund as a credit to the pre-paid balance or a credit refund, at the customer’s discretion. 

Uptime % Credit %
Below 99.99% 10%
Below 99.0% 30%


PureCloud Technical Support must be able to reproduce errors in order to resolve them. The customer is expected to cooperate and work closely with PureCloud to reproduce errors, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as requested and appropriate. Also, subject to the customer’s approval on a support ticket-by-support ticket basis, users may be asked to provide remote access to their PureCloud application and/or desktop system for troubleshooting purposes. 

Additional guarantees

Any additional guarantees related to the PureCloud products and services may be found in the Terms and Conditions.