Set up a call center in Salesforce

Note: This article applies to PureCloud for Salesforce.

  • User permissions to manage call centers in Salesforce. For more information about permissions, click Help on Salesforce pages during any step in setting up a call center.

To use the PureCloud for Salesforce integration, first set up a call center in Salesforce and configure Client Settings in the managed package settings. Then assign users to that call center. 

Note: Salesforce users cannot use call center features until you have assigned the users to a call center.

  1. Change the region of your PureCloud organization.
  2. Configure call center settings.
  3. (Optional) Configure Omni-Channel sync.
  4. Configure country codes.
  5. (Optional) Map interaction attributes to Salesforce activity fields.
  6. (Optional) Customize interaction details.
  7. (Optional) Configure search.
  8. Assign users to the call center.

    You can assign users a couple ways. For more information, see Managing Call Center Users in the Salesforce documentation.

  9. (Optional) Use different configurations for different agents.

For more information, see Managed package settings.

For more information about the integration, see About PureCloud for Salesforce.