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Map interaction attributes to Salesforce activity fields

Note: This article applies to Genesys Cloud for Salesforce.

After setting up a call center for the first time, map any newly supported interaction attributes to Salesforce activity fields. These activity fields must be string fields. However, if you use Salesforce features to copy the value of a string field to a field of a different data type, you can use data or number fields. For more information, see Workflow and Salesforce Flow in the Salesforce documentation.

  • Lightning Experience does not allow Genesys Cloud for Salesforce to save interaction attributes to fields that the Salesforce user does not have access to. For example, you configure Genesys Cloud for Salesforce to save the queue name to a custom field but do not make the custom field visible to agents. As a result, Salesforce does not save the queue name to the custom field in reports.
  • Although you can map interaction attributes after assigning users to a call center, follow the sequence described here of mapping interactions first and then assigning users. This sequence ensures that users do not receive unmapped interactions.

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Search for Installed Packages.
  3. Under Build, click Installed Packages.
  4. On the Installed Packages page, click Configure next to the Genesys Cloud for Salesforce package.
  5. Under Choose a Call Center, select a version of the call center definition.
  6. Under Activity Field Mapping, click Add.
  7. Type the interaction attribute.

    For more information and a list of supported attributes, see Synchronize interaction attributes with Salesforce activity records.

  8. Click Save.

For information about all steps necessary to set up a call center, see Set up a call center.

For more information about the integration, see About Genesys Cloud for Salesforce.

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