Limitations with CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce

When setting up the contact center, consider the following limitations with CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce:

  • Supports only the screen pop of built-in voice call record and contact records using Object Linking.
  • Use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is not supported.
  • Recommends to disable the display of login confirmation when loading a console with Omni-channel.
    1. From Setup in Salesforce, search for Omni-Channel Settings in the Quick Find box and select Omni-Channel Settings.
    2. Deselect the Display a login confirmation upon loading a console with Omni-Channel option.
    3. Click Save.
  • Review the limitations described in the Salesforce documentation for Service Cloud Voice.

For more information, see About CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce.