Feature coming soon: Execution data settings

Configure Genesys Cloud settings that affect the overall behavior and functionality of the platform for all Genesys Cloud users in an organization. These settings help to achieve a secure environment and impact the agents’ ability to perform tasks effectively.

Organization details

View and manage your organization details, including your organization ID.

Global settings 

Manage the geolocation detection, default language, and country code for your organization.

Onboarding people and telephony settings

Configure how to onboard people, turn on free seating, set a voicemail PIN, and select the organization’s default TTS engine. 

Contact center settings

Security and compliance settings

Execution data settings

Configure execution data settings, such as execution data storage and the execution data types for which to store data.

    Configure sign-on requirements

    Customers require control over login to manage their workforce and to prevent unauthorized access. Set requirements for passwords used to sign on to Genesys Cloud or configure Genesys Cloud to use a single sign-on (SSO) identity provider. 

    Manage statuses 

    Gain insight into Genesys Cloud statuses and discover how to create and manage secondary statuses. This functionality is exclusively available for Genesys Cloud customers.

    Determine assignment of new permissions

    You can choose to direct Genesys Cloud to assign permissions automatically for new features as they become available. Alternatively, you can choose to assign these permissions manually as you deem appropriate within your organization’s structure.

    Manage Genesys Cloud embedding

    Administrators can optionally enable a security setting to prevent external websites from embedding an instance of their Genesys Cloud organization in an iframe. This feature combats “clickjacking,” a malicious technique that redirects a user to a website under the attacker’s control.

    WARNING: Enabling this feature could cause Genesys Cloud integrations, Genesys Cloud apps, and any other application or integration that embeds Genesys Cloud into an iframe, whose domain is not listed in the Allowed Embeddable Domain(s), to be unusable.

    Before activating this feature, read Manage Genesys Cloud embedding for background information. Then configure Genesys Cloud to allow use of iframes only within the domains of any integrations that your organization uses.