About organization settings

Configure settings that affect all your PureCloud users.  

Organization details

View your organization details, including your organization ID.

Configure your organization settings 

Configure sign-on requirements

Customers require control over login to manage their workforce and to prevent unauthorized access. Set requirements for passwords used to sign on to PureCloud, or configure PureCloud to use a single sign on (SSO) identity provider.

Manage statuses 

Configure free seating

Learn about free seating and configure it for your users.

Manage PureCloud embedding

Administrators can optionally enable a security setting to prevent external websites from embedding an instance of their PureCloud organization in an iframe. This feature combats “clickjacking,” a malicious technique that redirects a user to a website under the attacker’s control.

WARNING: Enabling this feature could cause PureCloud integrations, PureCloud apps, and any other application or integration that embeds PureCloud into an iframe, whose domain is not listed in Allowed Embeddable Domain(s), to be unusable.

Before activating this feature, read Manage PureCloud embedding for background information. Then configure PureCloud to allow use of iframes only within the domains of any integrations that your organization uses.