• Be an admin user to perform this procedure. 

  • Before activating a new organization, log out of any Genesys Cloud CX organizations in the browser profile you will use to active your new organization. To log out, access user settings from your picture in the sidebar. Then click Logout.

An organization is a set of Genesys Cloud products and services, selected by a business to accommodate its specific requirements. The first step is to activate the organization; this step is applicable to most new customers.

  1. Open the email titled “Activate Your Genesys Cloud Features.”
    Note: You recently subscribed, have not set up your organization yet, and did not receive an activation email. If you are from the Genesys sales team, contact a CX specialist. If you have a Genesys Cloud subscription, contact your sales representative.
  2. Click Activate. Genesys Cloud prompts you to sign up for a new account.
  3. Select your region and click Sign Up.
  4. Enter the basic information needed to create a Genesys Cloud account. Then click Next.
    Note: The short name for this new organization is created from the CompanyName entry. This unique identifier is used to specify this organization when logging in, and cannot be changed. From the CompanyName input, the short name is created as follows:
    • All letters are lowercase.
    • Spaces and special characters are removed, except for dashes.
    • If the short name already exists, a number is added at the end.
  5. (Optional) Invite other persons to use Genesys Cloud. You can also invite people later.
  6. Click Activate Now. Wait for the organization activation process to complete.
  7. Your Genesys Cloud organization is ready. Enter your email address and password from step 4. Click Log In.
  8. Wait while the system activates features and customizes billing for the organization, based on the subscription created by sales. If you signed up for a trial, you are not billed.
  9. When setup is complete, click Continue.
  10. At this point, your subscribed products and features are ready to use. The CX specialist checks to ensure that everything activated properly. Afterward, you receive an email with “Thank you for Activating Your Genesys Cloud Features” in the subject line.
  11. You receive an email with “Welcome to Genesys Cloud” in the subject line. This email confirms that your organization is active. It contains important links that you use to log in, download apps, or send invitations. It’s a good idea to bookmark these pages, and to share them with others.

If you encounter activation issues, contact with the Organization ID information and screenshots of the error or issue.