• Telephony > Plugin > All permission
Note: An administrator configured these settings when creating your organization. You cannot change the Short Name or Organization ID.
  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Account Settings, click Organization Settings.

    The Organization Details panel lists the following information about your organization:

    Organization Details Description
    Company Name

    Specifies the full name of your organization. Edit the Company Name to change the organization name displayed on the Login screen, on the browser tab, and on each user’s Mini Cards. This edit does not change the organization name displayed as part of the Login process if you have multiple organizations.

    Short Name Specifies the short name of your organization. Use this name to log in to the organization. You cannot edit the short name.
    Advanced > Organization ID

    Specifies an ID number that is unique to each organization. A Genesys Cloud Support representative might ask for this number when troubleshooting an issue.

  3. Click Save.