Genesys Cloud integrations connect Genesys Cloud with other tools, systems, services, and applications.


Genesys Cloud CX Accelerators are preconfigured samples that can be readily deployed within your Genesys Cloud organization. The Accelerators  span a spectrum of offerings that you can leverage to build your own solutions.


The AppFoundry offers Genesys customers a marketplace of solutions for all Genesys platforms in a single location. Browse curated applications and integrations from Genesys, our technical partners, and our user community. Some are available for purchase; others are free.

Authorized applications

OAuth scopes for applications provides a means to limit an app’s access to an individual user or the Genesys Cloud organization’s data. Rather than granting complete access to a user or organization’s account, administrators can define the scope of access given to applications built for Genesys Cloud.


Genesys Cloud offers voice and chatbot integrations for use in Architect interaction flows. The Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow integrations allows chatbots to interact conversationally with customers. 

Client applications

Client applications are third-party web application integrations embedded in the Genesys Cloud agent user interface. Client applications are available from Genesys, our technical partners, and our user community. 

CX Cloud for CRM

CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce integration combines Genesys Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud and provides a unified AI-powered customer experience and relationship management solution.

Data actions


Email integrations expand your organization’s ACD email capabilities.

Embedded clients

The Genesys Cloud embedded clients are versions of Genesys Cloud’s contact center services, either inside third-party systems or as browser extensions for use with any web app. With Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework, you can develop an integration with Genesys Cloud for private or public use.


Amazon EventBridge is an event bus service that connects your applications and sends real-time data to your intended sources.

External contacts

External contact sync integrations keep your Genesys Cloud contacts, associations, notes, and relationships current by syncing changes from an external system to Genesys Cloud when they happen.

Integrations FAQs

View FAQs that apply to Genesys Cloud integrations.

Premium applications

Premium applications, like client applications, allow users to run a webpage or web application in the Genesys Cloud agent user interface. Unlike client applications, premium applications integrate with Genesys Cloud’s billing system. 

Quality management

SCIM (Identity Management)

Genesys Cloud SCIM (Identity Management) uses SCIM APIs to sync user entities from cloud or on-premises identity management systems to Genesys Cloud.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on integrations connect Genesys Cloud with your single sign-on service to expand automated login within your company. 

Speech-to-text engines

Add a speech-to-text integration from AppFoundry and then use it in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows for real-time recognition. You can use the transcribed utterances to voice-enable an external chat bot. 

Text-to-speech (TTS) engines

Third party TTS engine integrations such as Amazon Polly, Acapela Voice, and Google Cloud Text-to-Speech expand language options and enable you to select a TTS voice for the organization, serving callers across built-in applications with the most appropriate voice.

Unified Communication tools

Integrate Unified Communication (UC) tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, and 8×8 with Genesys Cloud. The integration allows you to connect chats, video chats, calls, directories, and searches between these tools and Genesys Cloud. By integrating UC tools with Genesys Cloud, you combine the power of the contact center with your UC platform to provide your agents increased access to the right person to quickly resolve issues.

Webhooks (chat notifications)

Webhook integrations send automated notifications to Genesys Cloud group chat rooms from third-party systems.