About integrations

PureCloud integrations connect PureCloud with other tools, systems, services, and applications.


The AppFoundry offers Genesys customers a marketplace of solutions for all Genesys platforms in a single location. Browse curated applications and integrations from Genesys, our technical partners, and our user community. Some are available for purchase; others are free.

Authorized applications

OAuth scopes for applications provides a means to limit an app’s access to an individual user or the PureCloud organization’s data. Rather than granting complete access to a user or organization’s account, administrators can define the scope of access given to applications built for PureCloud.

Bridge Platform and connectors

The Bridge Platform performs integrations between PureCloud and your systems or services, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Collaborate (data sync) integrations synchronize data between your systems and PureCloud profiles using a series of plug-ins, or Bridge connectors. 


PureCloud offers voice and chatbot integrations for use in Architect interaction flows. The Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow integrations allows chatbots to interact conversationally with customers. 


Use the Skype for Business integration to chat with other Skype users.

Custom client applications

Custom client applications are third-party web application integrations embedded in the PureCloud agent user interface. Client applications are available from Genesys, our technical partners, and our user community. 

Data actions


Email integrations expand your organization’s ACD email capabilities.

Embedded clients

The PureCloud embedded clients are versions of PureCloud’s contact center services, either inside third-party systems or as browser extensions for use with any web app. With PureCloud Embeddable Framework, you can develop an integration with PureCloud for private or public use.

External contacts

External contact sync integrations keep your PureCloud contacts, associations, notes, and relationships current by syncing changes from an external system to PureCloud when they happen.

Premium applications

Premium applications, like custom client applications, allow users to run a webpage or web application in the PureCloud agent user interface. Unlike custom client applications, premium applications integrate with PureCloud’s billing system. 

SCIM (Identity Management)

PureCloud SCIM (Identity Management) uses SCIM APIs to sync user entities from cloud or on-premises identity management systems to PureCloud.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on integrations connect PureCloud with your single sign-on service to expand automated login within your company. 

Text-to-speech (TTS) engines

Third party TTS engine integrations such as Amazon Polly, Acapela Voice, and Google Cloud Text-to-Speech expand language options and enable you to select a TTS voice for the organization, serving callers across built-in applications with the most appropriate voice.

Quality management

Quality management integrations expand your organization’s policy-based recording capabilities.

Webhooks (chat notifications)

Webhook integrations send automated notifications to PureCloud group chat rooms from third-party systems.