Speech and text analytics enables you to gain insights into customer-agent conversations through sentiment analysis, and topic trends. These insights highlight areas of improvement, recognition, and concern to better understand and serve customers and employees. Speech and text analytics features provide automated speech and text analytics capabilities on 100% of interactions to provide deep insight into customer-agent conversations.

      Speech and text analytics overview


      Voice transcription

      Review and search a voice transcript to conduct evaluations, recognize unusual dynamics, determine customer sentiment, perform live monitoring, and so on.  

      Agent empathy analysis

      Agent empathy analysis gauges customer service representatives’ level of empathy and emotional intelligence during interactions with customers.

      Interaction categories

      Interaction categories enable administrators and analysts to build specific category criteria to uncover deep and detailed insights within interactions, targeting elements like topics or terms with precision.

      Digital transcripts

      Review and search a digital transcript to conduct evaluations, recognize unusual dynamics, determine customer sentiment, and so on.  

      Interaction overview

      Using various playback controls, play back interactions to show details about the external and internal interaction participants and to provide an understanding about the customer, the quality of service provided and the business issues in question. 

      Sentiment analysis

      Capture the sentiment of the customer’s phrases to gain valuable insight into the customer’s experience, product and service reputation, and agent competency


      Boost the recognition of a business issue by instructing your system to identify specific customer phrases and identify trends that enable you to discover what your customers care about most. 


      Instruct your system to search for and recognize the phrases in the topics included in the program’s definition.

      AudioHook Monitor

      The voice transcription feature enables AudioHook Monitor to start or stop streaming to a third party. Use AudioHook Monitor to stream conversation audio to third-party services and then process that audio for voice biometrics, transcription, recording, and Agent Assist