About the Salesforce data actions integration

The Salesforce data actions integration uses static and custom actions to act on data in Salesforce.


The Salesforce data actions integration provides static actions and allows you to create custom actions that you can use throughout PureCloud to act on data in Salesforce. You can use these data actions to make routing decisions within your interaction flow in Architect, to present information to your agents in Scripts, or to act on data in other ways.

Get started

Review the requirements. After you add the integration, either create a custom action or use a static action that the integration automatically generated.


The Salesforce data actions integration, which runs as a PureCloud service, replaces the previous Salesforce data dip connector, which ran on the PureCloud Bridge Server. Learn how to migrate your interaction flows in Architect from bridge actions to data actions.


Browse information about common issues. Test data actions for help debugging issues.