About Custom Client Application integrations

  • License(s) for the application that you want to integrate. Contact your PureCloud sales representative for details. 
  • PureCloud 2 license
  • Master Admin role or any role with the appropriate permissions:
    • Integrations > Integration > All
    • Integrations > Integration > Add

    • Integrations > Integration > Delete

    • Integrations > Integration > Edit

    • Integrations > Integration > View

To run the following third-party applications inside PureCloud, use a Custom Client Application integration:

  • eMite
  • nGUVU
  • Survey Dynamix
  • Pure Insights
  • Quick Data
  • GM Voices
  • Some AppFoundry apps
Note: You must have the appropriate licenses to run these applications. For more information, contact your PureCloud sales representative. 

Appearance of third-party applications 

You configure how your third-party application appears in PureCloud:

  • As a standalone application on a full page
  • As a widget in the sidebar 

Standalone application

A standalone application appears in the main PureCloud window as a full-frame layout. To see the application, users click its name on either the Directory or Performance menu.

Sidebar widget

A sidebar widget appears in the left PureCloud panel. To see the application, users click the Apps icon on the PureCloud sidebar menu and then click the tab for the app they want.


Who can view an integrated application

When you set up a custom client application integration, you must select the directory groups for it. Only members of the selected groups can view and use the application. No other permissions are required.

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