Work with message interactions

Genesys Cloud messaging enables you to respond to customer interactions from various asynchronous messaging channels, including Genesys Cloud web messaging, third-party messaging platforms, inbound SMS, and open messaging. Messaging interactions look, feel, and operate like other Genesys Cloud ACD interaction types. With co-browse for web messaging, you can view your contact’s browser tab and more easily assist them.

Message interactions allow contacts to have a text conversation with you. You and your contacts can see the text that each other enters. Asynchronous messaging means that contacts can return and resume a conversation without a break in the communication.

For more information, see About messaging. Genesys provides a unified agent experience for message interactions across all messaging channels. Message channel icons in the notification panel and top interactions bar allow you to identify the messaging channel you are working with.

Depending on organization and queue settings, you can receive multiple message interactions at the same time or message interactions while you handle other interactions. For more information about handling multiple types of interactions at the same time, see Manage multiple interactions.

Note: If your admin enables auto answer for messaging interactions, then to alert you of a new messaging interaction, Genesys Cloud plays a short audible alert. For more information, see Create and configure queues.

Third-party message interaction considerations

Third-party messaging includes Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, and WhatsApp integrations. Some third party messaging platforms enforce their own policies that you must know about. 

Platform Considerations
Twitter Direct Message
  • For each inbound message from a contact, you can send up to five replies to that contact. If you send a sixth reply, you receive a message that indicates a delivery failure.
Facebook Messenger
  • When you receive a message through the Genesys Cloud for Facebook Messenger integration, you must respond to messages from Facebook Messenger within seven days. 
  • After seven days, any messages you try to send in response result in an error and are not delivered.
  • Reply to an inbound message from WhatsApp within 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, you must use a template message to respond to the interaction.
Instagram Direct
  • Images and other media expire after 24 hours for story mentions.
  • If an Instagram user has no display name, Genesys Cloud displays the user’s page-scoped ID number.
  • Instagram only delivers story mentions from a private Instagram account if your account follows the private account.
  • Because Instagram does not send images in user-shared stories, those images do not appear in message interactions.
  • Instagram prohibits storage of ephemeral images, videos, or other media contained in an Instagram story mention. This prohibition applies to any Facebook CDN URLs, ephemeral contact made available by any such URLs, and the creation of screen recordings of such media.  
    • Do not use Genesys screen recording or other recording tools to capture Instagram story mention media content.
    • Genesys does not persist ephemeral Instagram story mention content in any conversation or message transcripts, and ephemeral content may be unavailable for quality management review or for any future purpose or feature. 
    • If your admin disables story mentions and story replies, you do not receive inbound story mentions.
  • The Instagram mobile and web apps allow Instagram users to unsend direct messages. Genesys deletes any messages that users unsend, and those messages may not be available as part of the interaction history.
Open Messaging
  • If your administrator disables inbound typing indicators, you do not see typing indicators when an end-customer is typing.