Work with message interactions

Web messaging: Feature coming soon

  • Genesys Cloud 3 license
  • Conversation > Message > Create permission

Message interactions enable a customer to begin a text conversation with an agent. Both agents and customers can see the text that the other party enters.

Depending on organization and queue settings, an agent can receive multiple message interactions at the same time or messages while handling other interactions. For more information about handling multiple types of interactions at the same time, see Manage multiple interactions.

Genesys Cloud uses automatic call distribution (ACD) to route message interactions to agents in queues. Genesys Cloud routes message interactions to agents based on a queue’s evaluation and routing methods. For example, Genesys Cloud could route a message to a specific agent based on several criteria:

  • The agent speaks the same language as the customer.
  • The agent has a particular skill.
  • The agent is the next available agent. 
Note: During message interactions, agents can find and send canned responses and use a script to guide them through interactions. Scripts prompt the agent to ask questions or allow them to update contact information. To request help from a supervisor during a chat interaction, agents can use Agent assistance.

Using specific messaging channels

When you receive a message through the Genesys Cloud for Facebook Messenger integration, you must respond to messages from Facebook Messenger within seven days. After seven days, any messages you attempt to send in response will result in an error and not be delivered.

You must respond to an inbound message from WhatsApp within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you must use a template message to respond to the interaction.

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