Work with message interactions with Predictive Engagement


The following permissions:

  • Journey > Action Map > View
  • Journey > Customer > View
  • Journey > Segment > View
  • Journey > Outcome > View
  • Journey > Visit > View
  • Journey > Event > View
  • External contacts > Session > View

Genesys Predictive Engagement is a cloud-based, AI-powered customer engagement solution that analyzes visitors' behaviors on websites, predicts the outcomes visitors are trying to achieve, and personalizes engagements to help visitors achieve those outcomes.

When a customer takes a specific action on your website, such as filling out a form or starting a message interaction, Predictive Engagement displays a Messenger window. If the visitor accepts the messaging offer, Predictive Engagement starts a message interaction that Genesys Cloud routes to an agent queue.

Genesys Cloud routes message interactions started from a site that uses Predictive Engagement to an available agent in the queue, regardless of whether the agent has Predictive Engagement permissions. Agents with Predictive Engagement permissions have access to the Customer Journey panel, which appears to the right of the Interactions panel. Agents without Predictive Engagement permissions do not have access to the Customer Journey panel.

For more information about the customer journey panel, see Customer summary for agents.

Note: During message interactions with Predictive Engagement, agents can find and send canned responses and use a script to guide them through the interactions. Scripts prompt the agent to ask questions or allow them to update contact information. To request help from a supervisor during a chat interaction, agents can use Agent assistance.

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