Genesys Cloud messaging enables agents to respond to customer interactions from various asynchronous messaging channels, including third-party messaging platforms, inbound SMS, Genesys Cloud web messaging, and open messaging. Messaging interactions look, feel, and operate like other Genesys Cloud ACD interaction types.


Third-party messaging

Engage customers on their own messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging, Twitter Direct Message, LINE Messaging, and WhatsApp. Learn how to create a messaging app using the method outlined by the third-party service and configure the integration.

SMS messaging

Organizations can provide a phone number to support inbound text notifications. SMS can be sent to long codes and toll-free numbers. Customers can text the number and communicate with agents. Learn how purchase SMS numbers and configure SMS messaging.

Web messaging

Engage customers online with Genesys Cloud web messaging and establish conversations that follow their unique journey lifecycle. Learn how to configure, deploy, and customize the predefined messenger window.

Open messaging

Use the open messaging integration to facilitate Genesys Cloud asynchronous messaging with third-party systems and external messaging services.