Feature coming soon: Improved blind transfer for digital interactions

To transfer an email or message interaction, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Conversations roster, click the interaction that you want to transfer.
  2. Above the interaction, click Transfer .
  3. Begin to type a name, and Genesys Cloud dynamically displays users and queues that match the input. 
    • To see all results, click All .
    • To filter the results by Genesys Cloud users, click Users .
    • To filter the results by queues, click Queues .
      A digital transfer window that shows a matching person and queue
      Note: The All tab shows the sum of the initial results for the Users and Queues tabs.
  4. From the results list, click the name of the person or queue to which you want to transfer the interaction.
    • If you transfer the interaction to a person, the transfer window remains open until either the recipient accepts the interaction, or you click Cancel. When the recipient accepts the transfer, the interaction leaves your Conversations roster.
    • If you transfer the interaction to a queue, the transfer window closes and the interaction immediately leaves your Conversations roster.
    • The system removes skill information from transfers.