ACD messages overview

Web messaging: Feature coming soon

With ACD messages, agents can send and receive interactions from messaging platforms. Currently, Genesys Cloud agents can respond to inbound SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, LINE Messaging, and WhatsApp.

Messages work similarly to other Genesys Cloud interaction types, like web chats and emails. For example, you can set alerting timeouts and service level targets for messages. Reports and analytics views include message metrics, and you can use scripts with message interactions.

To set up SMS messaging, first Purchase SMS numbers and then configure message flows in Architect. To set up third-party messaging, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, LINE Messaging, and WhatsApp, set up your social media accounts and then configure message flows in Architect

  • Genesys Cloud attempts to route callbacks, email replies, and message replies to the last agent who handled it. The agent must be on queue and not be fully utilized on those interactions. If the agent is not available, Genesys Cloud routes the interaction to the next available agent. For more information about how to determine if an agent is fully utilized, see Configure agent utilization.
  • For email and messaging interactions, and inbound callbacks, when you use preferred agent routing, Genesys Cloud no longer attempts to route the interaction to the last agent who handled it. Scheduled callbacks, however, is unaffected by preferred agent routing. For more information, see Advanced routing overview.

Route messages with Architect

Just as you create call flows in Architect, you can create message flows to route ACD messages with Architect. For more information, see About inbound message flows and About message routing.

Answer asynchronous messages–but keep interactions together

Messages are short and asynchronous. For example, a user sends two messages, receives a response from an agent, and then sends two more messages several hours later. Genesys Cloud treats multiple messages as part of the same interaction as long as the break between messages is less than 72 hours. If there is a break longer than 72 hours after the last message, then Genesys Cloud starts a new interaction. 

When Genesys Cloud groups messages as part of a interaction, it routes messages from the same customer to the same agent, and displays the interaction history to the agent. Agents complete wrap-up on each portion of the interaction that they handle, which can consist of multiple individual messages. 

Support STOP, START, and HELP in SMS messages

If customers send certain single word messages like STOP or HELP, Genesys Cloud automatically responds. For more information, see SMS opt-out keywords.