• Genesys Cloud CX 2, Genesys Cloud CX 2 Digital, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital, or Genesys Cloud CX 1 Digital Add-on II license
  • Web messaging: Conversation > Webmessaging > View and Accept permission
  • Other messaging channels: Conversation > Message > Create or View and Accept permission

  1. Log in as an agent and go on queue. The Interactions panel opens and new messages appear in the Active Interactions list. 
  2. To accept a message interaction, click Answer.
    • The icon on the interaction alert indicates the interaction’s messaging channel.
    • A green shield with a check-mark indicates an authenticated web message.
    • When you answer an interaction, the channel icon for the current interaction also appears above the conversation window.
    • If the inbound message is from WhatsApp, you must answer it within 24 hours. After 24 hours, any messages that you try to send in response results in an error and failed delivery. 
    • Some messaging interactions may include interaction with a bot. When you receive a messaging interaction from a bot, Genesys Cloud provides a transcript of the conversation history that includes any options that the bot may have offered. Depending on your organization, the history can include the following:
  3. Type your response to the incoming message. Your response can contain up to 2,000 characters. It can include emojis and, if the interaction is coming from LINE, can include stickers. Attached images must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
  4. To send your message, press Enter.
  5. To continue the conversation, repeat steps 3–4 as needed.
  6. To end the interaction, click End Messages.
  7. Complete any needed after contact work.

  • When an agent declines or does not answer an interaction within a certain amount of time, Genesys Cloud places the agent into Not Responding status. While Not Responding, the agent does not receive new interactions. Declined or not answered interactions reenter the queue. 
  • Some messaging channels do not support inbound animated GIFs and stickers. If you receive a message attachment with an error, or if you cannot see a message, check with your administrator to make sure that your organization supports the file type.
  • With SMS, third-party messaging channels and web messaging, Genesys Cloud confirms a successful message delivery with a . If message delivery fails, Genesys Cloud displays a warning to inform you of a delivery error.