Accept and respond to an SMS message interaction

  • Genesys Cloud 3 license
  • Conversation > Message > Create permission
  1. Log in as an agent and go on queue. The Interactions panel opens and new messages appear in the Active Interactions list. 
  2. To begin a message interaction, click Answer.
    Note: Agents can receive inbound MMS messages and can view .jpg, .png, and .gif media. Other media types are not displayed and Genesys Cloud notifies agents that the message has no content. Agents cannot send outbound MMS messages.
    For information about group SMS messages, see FAQs: ACD messages.
  3. Type your response to the incoming message.Your response can contain up to 160 single-byte characters and can include emojis. The counter shows the remaining characters based on the character set you are using.
    Note: For important information about messaging character limits, see FAQ: Is there a character limit for SMS messages? and FAQ: How does Genesys Cloud handle messages with unicode characters?.
  4. To send your message, press Enter.
  5. To continue the conversation, repeat steps 3–4 as needed.
  6. To end the conversation, click End Messages.
  7. Complete any required after call work.
  8. Note: When an agent declines or does not answer an interaction within a certain amount of time, Genesys Cloud places the agent into Not Responding status. While Not Responding, the agent does not receive new interactions. Declined or not answered interactions reenter the queue.