Agent activity overview

  • Genesys Cloud 3 license or Genesys Cloud User 1 WEM Upgrade II or Genesys Cloud User 2 WEM Upgrade I
  • UI > Agent Activity > View
    At least one of the following permissions:
  • WFM > AgentSchedule > View
  • Gamification > Scorecard > View
  • Gamification > Leaderboards > View
  • Learning > Assignment > View
  • Coaching > Appointment > Participate
  • Quality > Evaluation > Edit Agent Sign-off (Necessary for evaluation widgets) 

The agent activity view enables you to immediately see a variety of data directly associated with your schedule, tasks, and performance. At a glance, the agent activity view provides a current summary of your off-queue information in one location. 

From the agent activity view, agents can view their current or upcoming schedule, scorecard, leaderboard, and coaching appointments. For examples, agents can:

  • See today’s schedule
  • Stay in adherence / conformance (take breaks at the specified time)
  • View manager evaluations and provide feedback
  • Meet supervisor for coaching
  • See My Performance compared against objectives and peer performance
  • Get up-to-date on new policies and procedures
  • Complete learning content of work on personal development
Note: If you do not have the appropriate permissions to view the page, the Activity stream appears instead.

The agent activity view is made up of the following 4 areas of information. For more information, click on each title.

The schedule shows all your activities for the day, including the start time for each activity. To see your full schedule, click View full schedule. Your schedule updates in real time. For more information about viewing your schedule, see My Schedule view.

The overview tab displays information about your evaluations, personal bests, assigned modules, scorecards, and your assigned, in progress, and completed coaching appointments.

Note: The cards that you can see on the Overview tab depend on your permissions.

    Evaluation Summary

    The evaluation summary card shows details about aggregate evaluation scores. It includes: 

    • This week – Sunday to Saturday
    • This month – Calendar month

    The information listed per interval is:

    • Average total Score
    • Average critical Score
    • Number of scored evaluations
    • Day span or month
    • Date preference:
      • Release date (default) – The date on which the evaluation was released to you
      • Created date – The date on which the evaluation was generated
      • Conversation date – The date of the conversation
    • Form selection menu:
      • All forms or a specific form

    Evaluations Due for Review

    The evaluations due for review card shows recent evaluations (30 days old or less), that have been released and are pending your review and acknowledgement. The card includes individual evaluations pending review with the following attributes:

    • Form name
    • Media type, Queue, Conversation Date
    • Evaluator
    • Evaluation total score

    For each evaluation in the list you can review its data, provide comments, and acknowledge that you have assessed the evaluation. 

    Scorecard Summary

    The scorecard summary card shows metrics and points based on your assigned gamification profile. It includes:

    • Your daily points total
    • Your all-time total number of points
    • Your average number of points for the day of the week
    • Overall average points of all agents assigned to the same gamification profile as you.
      The trends show daily points over the interval. A dotted line represents your average number of points for the interval.

    Personal Best

    The personal bests card shows your personal best points for a day, week, and month. You can also see which agents assigned to the same gamification profile as you have the best day, week, and month.

    Coaching Appointments

    The coaching appointments card shows your future coaching appointments. For more information, see My Development view

    Assigned Modules

    The assigned modules card shows the modules assigned to you. For more information, see My Development view

    The scorecard tab shows metrics and points based on your assigned gamification profile. In includes:

    • Monthly attendance
    • Daily points total
    • Points for every metric in the gamification profile that you are assigned.

    Monthly Attendance

    The monthly attendance card shows the:

    • Current day
    • Days you are scheduled or not scheduled
    • Days you are present or absent

    You can change the month to see your attendance for other months.

    Daily Points Total

    The daily points total card shows your:

    • Total daily points
    • Maximum point goal
      A blue star indicates that you have not reached the target. If you reach the maximum points, you receive a gold star.
    • Day of week average

    It also shows trends for your daily points total over 4 or 13 weeks. 


      The punctuality card shows the points awarded to you for following your schedule. 

      You can see the schedule for a particular date, the number of points you earned per activity, and the maximum points possible. 

      • X indicates that activity was started outside of minimum for “Good” threshold
      • ✓ indicates that activity was between Perfect and Good
      • ★ indicates that activity was on time and within Perfect range
      • Actual and target start times


      Each metric card shows your performance against the defined metric objective for a configured KPI.

      You can see the points for a particular date, the number of points you earned, and the maximum points possible.

      • Zones as defined in the gamification profile that you are assigned
      • Threshold values as defined in the gamification profile that you are assigned
      • Point values as defined in the gamification profile that you are assigned
      • Agent’s performance:
        • If on target, ★ is golden
        • If not on target, ★ is clear

      The leaderboards tab displays the point leaders in the same gamification profile as you, including all profile members’ rank based on the profile’s metrics

       You can select one of the following date intervals to use when you view the leaderboard:

      • Today (Default)
      • Yesterday
      • This week
      • Last week
      • This month
      • Last month

      You can also select a custom range through a date interval picker. You can select the metric to view when you view the leaderboard.

      You can search the name of an agent to find their leaderboard listing.

      Leaderboards have a limit of 300 agents. Agents that have not logged in or have not earned any points do not show up on the leaderboard.