Agent activity overview

  • UI > Agent Activity > View
    At least one of the following permissions:
  • WFM > AgentSchedule > View
  • Gamification > Scorecard > View
  • Gamification > Leaderboards > View
  • Learning > Assignment > View
  • Coaching > Appointment > Participate

As an agent, you can view the agent activity page to see your current or upcoming schedule, scorecard, leaderboard, and coaching appointments.

Note: If you do not have the correct permissions, you see the Activity stream when you click the Activity tab.

Overview tab

If you have the correct permissions, there are five sections: your schedule for the day, your scorecard summary, your personal bests, your coaching appointments, and your assigned modules.


The schedule shows all of your activities for the day, including the start time for each activity. You can see your full schedule by clicking View full schedule. Your schedule updates in real time.

    Scorecard Summary
    Scorecard Summary shows:

    • Your daily points total
    • The overall average of points of people in your division for that day
    • Your average number of points for the day of the week
    • Your all-time total number of points

    The scorecard summary also shows you trends for 4- or 13-week intervals. The trends show daily points over the interval. A dotted line represents your average number of points for the interval.

    Personal Bests
    Personal Bests shows you your personal best number of points for a day, week, and month. You can also see the person in your division with the best day, week, or month.

    Coaching Appointments
    Coaching Appointments shows you any future coaching appointments.

    Assigned Modules
    Assigned Modules shows you any modules that are assigned to you.

    Scorecard tab

    The scorecard tab shows you your monthly attendance, your daily points total, and your points for every metric your organization measures.

    Monthly attendance
    Monthly attendance shows you:

    • The current day
    • The days you are scheduled or not scheduled
    • The days you are present or absent

    You can change the month to see your attendance for other months.

    Daily points total
    Daily points total shows you your total daily points and your maximum number of points. A blue star represents the target of the maximum number of points. You receive a gold star if you reach the maximum points.

    You can also see the trends for your daily points total over 4 or 13 weeks.

    The Punctuality section shows you the points awarded to you for following your schedule.

    You can see the schedule for a particular date, the number of points you earned per activity, and the maximum points possible. 

    • X indicates that activity was started outside of minimum for “Good” threshold
    • ✓ indicates that activity was between Perfect and Good
    • ★ indicates that activity was in on time and within Perfect range
    • Actual and target start times

    Points for each metric that is measured
    Each metric section shows your performance against the defined metric objective for a configured KPI.

    You can see the points for a particular date, the number of points you earned, and the maximum points possible.

    • Zones as defined in the gamification profile
    • Threshold values as defined in the gamification profile
    • Point values as defined in the gamification Pprofile
    • Agent’s performance:
      • if on target, ★ is golden
      • If not on target, ★ is not colored

    Leaderboard tab

    The Leaderboard tab displays the point leaders in your division, showing your rank and the rank of your peers based on various performance metrics.

     You can select the date interval to use when you view the leaderboard. You can choose:

    • Today (Default)
    • Yesterday
    • This week
    • Last week
    • This month
    • Last month

    You can also select a custom range through a date interval picker. You can select the metric to view when you view the leaderboard.

     You can search the name of an agent to find their leaderboard listing.

     Leaderboards have a limit of 300 agents.