About programs, topics, and phrases

Programs, topics, and phrases help gather and deliver valuable business level intelligence. Analysts can readily use this information to understand customer and agent trends, behaviors, and cause and effect relationships that affect performance and business outcomes. More specifically, programs, topics, and phrases enable speech and text analytics to automatically tag interactions for specific business level intents that subsequently provide analytics about the customer’s and agent’s motivations and goals during the interaction.

For information about supported languages, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.  

Understand programs, topics, and phrases

Learn about programs, topics, and phrases.  

Set topic and program permissions

To work with topics and programs administrators must have the correct permissions. 

Work with a topic

Topics are a collection of phrases that indicate a business level intent. In addition, topics help boost the recognition of the programed words and phrases in voice transcription and lists them as events in the interaction overview.

Work with a program

Programs are a package of topics that instruct speech and text analytics what business level intents to look for in recorded conversations between interaction participants. 

Work with a phrase

Phrases are a string of words that outline the various ways in which a topic can be expressed. Phrases can be added one by one, or in bulk using the file upload option. 

Work with intent miner and topic miner

Understand and learn how to use topic miner to mine topics and phrases, import topics from a JSON file, and create new or update existing topics from mined data.