Speech and text analytics overview

Speech and text analytics is a set of features that provide automated speech and text analytics capabilities on 100% of interactions to provide deep insight into customer-agent conversations. For voice interaction, speech and text analytics provides automated transcription and employs speech-to-phrase grammar-based recognition. Along with non-linguistic analysis of recordings, speech and text analytics creates meaning from otherwise unstructured data.

Organizations can use this data to fulfill key use cases around agent performance improvement (for example, decrease AHT, increase FCR, sales conversion, and so on), compliance, and customer satisfaction (for example, NPS). All analysis and discovery functionality is provided through the Genesys Cloud user interface, which is the unified interface for recording, quality management and interaction analytics capabilities.

Key features

  • Voice transcription – Examine a clear view of the conversation between external (customer) and internal (IVR, ACD, agent, conference or voicemail) participants to see who is saying what and overcome potential difficulties such as differences in volume, accents, timing, and connection quality. For more information, see About voice transcription