Configure voice transcription


      The voice transcription feature transcribes voice interactions (for example, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls) in the contact center into written words that are stored as speaker-separated conversational text. This feature will help you uncover the information that is stored in the contact center audio interactions. This information can be used to improve employee training and feedback and to identify business problems and opportunities.  


      • Voice transcription is not available in all Genesys Cloud supported languages. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.  
      • In a Genesys Cloud Voice or BYOC Cloud telephony connection, transcription occurs in near real-time and is available in the user interface and API within minutes of the interaction completing.
      • With a BYOC Premises telephony connection, the transcription occurs after the recording has been completed and uploaded, and depends on the length of the interaction. As a general rule of thumb, this takes about half the length of the interaction. As an example, once a 10-minute interaction has finished and is uploaded to the cloud, it will take around 5 minutes for the transcription to complete and become available to end users. As a result, no real-time capabilities/use cases are supportable with this type of configuration..

      Setting up voice transcription

      1. Enable voice transcription in speech and text analytics.
      2. Enabled voice transcription based on agent queues. For more information, see Set behaviors and thresholds for all interaction types in Create and configure queues.
      3. Enable voice transcription for call flows. For more information, see Transcription action.
      4. Review how Genesys Cloud handles language selection on the Edge line and in Architect. Make any changes to ensure that the correct language is selected for voice transcription:
        1. Edge: For more information, see Set the trunk language.
        2. Architect: For more information, see Select a flow’s supported language and Set up a language selection starting task.