About Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows

Build bots within Architect and then integrate them into Architect call, chat, and message flows. This process unifies the bot and flow authoring experience for administrators, flow authors, and contact center managers. Initially, Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows support US English (en-US), UK English (en-GB), and Australian English (en-AU) languages. Genesys supports third-party TTS engines. This feature is not PCI DSS-compliant. Best practice recommends that you do not use them in Architect secure call flows. In a future release, Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows will be PCI DSS-compliant. For more information, see PCI DSS compliance.

Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows features and concepts

Build a bot flow in Architect

Bot flow settings and resources

Bot flow actions and tasks

Understand the available Architect actions that you can implement into your bots and flows.

Use Architect prompts in bot flows

Learn about the types of prompts available in Architect and how to add and maintain them in bot flows, including configuring prompt resources, editing prompts, and bulk importing prompt files.

Enhance a bot flow in Architect with advanced features

Learn how to use built-in templates and logic that you can customize to fit your organization’s needs.

Intent miner

Intent miner analyzes chat, message, and voice transcripts, or recordings, to determine customer intents, complete with real-world utterances, that you can refine and customize, and then import into a new bot. The intent miner returns volume analytics that enable administrators and contact center managers to apply data that enhances the customer experience.

Additional resources

Access more resources to help design and build bots and bot flows in Architect.