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You can use External Contacts to manage external organizations, contacts, relationships, and notes. Collectively, these elements are referred to as managed External Contacts entities.

External organizations

External organizations are your customers, partners, and other businesses that you interact with. These organizations are sometimes called accounts.


External contacts are individuals. They could be employees of companies you do business with, or they could be your direct customers. These people request assistance from your agents.


Relationships represent the connections between the people at your company and external organizations.

Suppose that your company has an account manager for each of your large customers. For each external organization, you define a relationship with the corresponding account manager. For example, Bob is the Account Manager for Bill’s Towing. You can have multiple relationships for each external organization. 


Notes capture details about the history of your relationships with contacts and organizations. Notes that you create in External Contacts are not specific to an interaction. For example:

  • You create a contact note that describes your lunch with a contact at a conference.
  • You create an organization note to track the contracts and agreements that your company has signed with the organization.
  • You create an organization note to alert the agents of the discounts that the organization receives.
Note: When an agent assigns a wrap-up code to an interaction, the agent can save a note with the interaction. These notes are specific to an interaction. You can see these notes when you view the interaction history for a contact or organization. For more information, see View the interaction history for a contact or View the interaction history for an organization

How many managed entities you can have  

The default limit for External Contacts is 10 million. If you need a limit increase, please contact Genesys Cloud support.

Note: Genesys Cloud prompts you to refine your search if it returns more than 1000 contacts.