Create a repository of customer data

  • Externalcontacts > Contact > All permission

External Contacts allows you to create a robust repository of customer data that your agents can take advantage of as they assist your customers. With External Contacts, an agent can quickly contact a customer by email, phone call, or Twitter message. During an interaction, an agent builds the interaction history for a client by verifying key contact data. The agent can quickly see who has interacted with the client and can read about your company’s relationship with them. 

Where customer data comes from

Customer data comes from multiple sources:

  • Genesys Cloud automatically creates a history for each interaction.
  • You can sync customer data from Salesforce. When you configure a sync with a Salesforce, Genesys Cloud periodically imports data to populate your external contacts and organizations in External Contacts. 
  • You can perform a bulk import of data from a .csv source. When you sync a .csv source with Genesys Cloud, the new data from the .csv source syncs whenever you upload the new data. 
  • You can use the REST API to import records from CRMs and other systems of record.
  • Your agents and administrators can manually add contacts and organizations in the External Contacts feature.
    Note: For more information, including entity limits, see About external organizations, contacts, relationships, and notes.