Series: Find, view, and verify external contacts

Contact verification overview


The following permissions:

  • External Contacts > Conversation Associate
  • External Contacts > Contact > View
  • External Contacts > External Organization > View

Important: To build the interaction history for a contact and organization, remember to always verify the profile that is associated with an interaction. 

Contact verification

When an interaction begins, PureCloud automatically attempts to verify the contact:

  • If PureCloud finds a single match, it auto-verifies the contact.
  • If PureCloud finds more than one matching contact, it prompts the agent to select the correct contact.
  • PureCloud attempts auto-verification based on different information depending on the interaction channel:
    • For voice interactions, PureCloud uses the phone number.
    • For email interaction, PureCloud uses the email address.
    • For web chat interactions, PureCloud uses the email address, if supplied. If the email address is not available, PureCloud uses the phone number. If either the email address or the phone number search results in a single match, PureCloud auto-verifies the contact. If neither email address nor phone number is supplied, PureCloud searches for the name entered. If that search results in a single match, PureCloud shows the profile, and the agent can verify it. For more information about configuring web chat fields, see the Developer Center.
    • For messaging interactions, PureCloud uses the messaging ID. If PureCloud cannot auto-verify with the messaging ID, PureCloud attempts to search for the contact name. If the search results in a single match, PureCloud shows the profile, and the agent can verify it.


      • Newly created or updated contacts can take several minutes to appear in the agent view for inbound interactions.
      • External contacts data from Salesforce is read-only. You cannot modify it in PureCloud.
      • If configured, agents can access additional information for a contact by clicking View Contact in External System.

Contact verification and message channel identifiers

PureCloud captures message channel identifiers for messaging interactions.

  • If you cancel verification, PureCloud doesn’t remove the message channel identifier.
  • If an existing external contact modifies some part of their social channel information and starts a new message interaction, PureCloud prompts the agent to update the external contact record with the new information.

Find, view, and verify an external contact in an interaction

  1. Accept an interaction. PureCloud searches for a matching contact profile and, if found, verifies it for you.
  2. Confirm whether PureCloud verified the correct profile:
    • If PureCloud correctly verified the profile, continue with the interaction.
    • If PureCloud verified an incorrect profile, continue to Step 3.
    • If PureCloud failed to verify the profile, proceed to Step 4.
  3. Click More and cancel the verification.More/Cancel Verification
  4. Search for the correct contact’s profile.
  5. Confirm whether your search found the correct profile.
    • If your search found the correct profile, select it.
    • If your search failed to find the correct profile, create a new profile
  6. To complete the verification, click Verify profile.

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