Series: Find, view, and link external contacts

Find, view, and link a contact


The following permissions:

  • To associate contact to an interaction: Externalcontacts > Conversation > Associate
  • To view interactions for a contact/account: Externalcontacts > Conversation > Viewall
  • To create a contact: Externalcontacts > Contact > Add 
  • To view a contact: Externalcontacts > Contact > View 
  • To update a contact: Externalcontacts > Contact > Edit 
  • To delete a contact: Externalcontacts > Contact > Delete 
  • To see a contact's journey: Externalcontacts > Session > View
  • To promote an auto-created contact to a curated contact (Add to contacts): Externalcontacts > Identity > Promote
  • To merge an auto-created contact to an existing curated contact: Externalcontacts > Identity > Merge

Important: To build the interaction history for a contact and organization, remember to always link the contact that is associated with an interaction.

Single customer view

Single customer view is a capability enhancement in External Contacts. It allows different identifiers, such as email address, phone number, web ID, to be associated under the one contact record and links conversations across channels in Genesys Cloud. 

Keep these considerations in mind:

Find, view, and link a contact

When an interaction begins, Genesys Cloud searches for a matching contact and, if found, links it for you. If Genesys Cloud finds no match, it creates a temporary contact.

Note: For open messaging interactions, Genesys Cloud does not currently automatically search for existing external contacts or provide journey information. You can manually search and link open messaging interactions to contacts.

To certify that Genesys Cloud found the right contact record, do the following:

  1. Accept an interaction. 
  2. Confirm whether Genesys Cloud linked the correct contact:
    • If Genesys Cloud correctly linked the contact, continue with the interaction.
    • If Genesys Cloud linked an incorrect contact, continue to Step 3.
    • If Genesys Cloud failed to link a contact, proceed to Step 4.
  3. Click More and Unlink Contact.
  4. Search for the correct contact.
  5. Confirm whether your search found the correct contact.
    • If your search found the correct contact, to link the interaction to the existing contact’s profile, click Select Contact.
    • If your search failed to find the correct contact, to add a new contact, to close the list, click Remove and then click Create New Contact.

For more information and examples that show how single customer view impacts External Contacts, see External contact management scenario examples.

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