About calls

Select a phone

Select the phone you want to use. The PureCloud WebRTC phone allows you to use the desktop or browser app as your phone. 

Make and receive calls

Answer or decline an incoming call, or start a new call. 

Pause the conversation

Mute your phone so that others cannot hear you but you can still hear them. Place a call on hold so that you cannot hear others and they cannot hear you. 

Talk to multiple people

Talk with multiple people at once. Start a call with more than two people, or add another person to a call already in progress. Transfer a call to someone else with blind or consult transfer. Join or moderate an auto-conference. 

Discover more call features

Forward your incoming calls to the number of your choice. Record your conversation to refer to later. Enter numbers, such as an account number, during a call.

Send a fax

Send a file saved on your computer as a fax.  

Receive voicemail

If no agents are available, send calls to voicemail.