Before making calls using the PureCloud Softphone, complete all configuration and setup requirements.

Make calls in Genesys Cloud from the Calls pane as if it were any other phone.

Make sure to select your PureCloud Softphone in the Phone Selector.

Use the PureCloud Softphone dial pad to make calls if you do not have an Internet connection.  

When using the dial pad to make calls, you may want to set alerting options.

  1. Right-click the PureCloud Softphone icon in the taskbar notification area. SoftphoneConnnectedTray
  2. Select Dial Pad from the PureCloud Softphone menu.
  3. Dial the number by clicking the dial pad buttons. 
    PureCloud Softphone dial pad
  4. Click Dial to call.

Other dial pad call features

  • To end a call, click End Call.
  • To put a call on hold, click Hold. To retrieve the call from hold, click Hold
  • To pick up a call, click Pickup.
  • To mute a call, click Mute. To unmute the call, click Mute
  • To delete a number while typing, click Erase to remove a single digit at a time.

Note: To troubleshoot the PureCloud Softphone, contact Customer Care.