About callbacks

A callback is a request callers can make to have their call returned when an agent is unavailable to take it right away. In contact centers, callbacks provide assistance for busy agents and provide an extra level of service to customers who encounter wait times.

About callbacks

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Callbacks for agents

Agents can initiate or respond to callbacks to improve customer satisfaction. In PureCloud, agents can schedule a callback directly from a script or during a voice interaction. In addition, agents can place, transfer, or dismiss a callback placed by a contact.

Callbacks for administrators and contact center managers

Administrators and contact center managers can use PureCloud’s Schedule Callbacks view to see and cancel callbacks scheduled by agents during interactions. They can automatically schedule a callback using outbound dialing rules in a campaign. And they can allow users to schedule callbacks by placing a widget on their website.

Callbacks for script designers

Script designers can create instructions, called scripts, to help agents process calls. They can incorporate a schedule callback option to a script to allow contacts to request a return call when they are less busy, and they can allow Architect’s Create Callback action to select a script for use in inbound, outbound, and in-queue call flows. 

Work with callbacks in Architect

In Architect, you can build a Create Callback action into an inbound, in-queue, or outbound call. If a customer does not want to wait in queue any longer, you can offer an option in the flow to allow the customer to request a callback from an agent at the earliest opportunity. 

Work with callbacks for integrations

PureCloud for Chrome, PureCloud for Salesforce, PureCloud for Zendesk, and PureCloud for Firefox support callback interactions. When the integration routes a callback interaction to your queue, you can pick up the callback interaction like any other interaction. Once connected, the callback interaction appears on your interaction list until you are ready to call the customer. 

Work with callbacks using developer tools

The developer tools allow you to test extended functionality in your PureCloud organization without directly using an API. Through a user interface, you can send requests to the APIs. No programming required. Use developer tools to schedule a callback interaction that appears in a queue in your PureCloud organization.