Genesys Predictive Engagement is a cloud-based, AI-powered customer engagement solution that analyzes visitors' behaviors on websites, predicts the outcomes visitors are trying to achieve, and personalizes engagements to help visitors achieve those outcomes.

You can use web messaging or web chat with Predictive Engagement. However, we encourage you to use web messaging to replace web chat.

Understand and configure Predictive Engagement

Track journey events

Learn how to start tracking visitors on your website with Genesys Predictive Engagement. Then, learn about the tools for identifying and organizing types of visitors and their trackable behaviors.

Create actions and action maps

Learn about the types of actions available in Genesys Predictive Engagement. Learn how to create action maps that use actions to engage visitors and further your business goals.

Work with interactions with Predictive Engagement

Analyze Predictive Engagement data

Contact center managers and supervisors can view live visitor tracking information, and visitor activity and action map performance reports. Add Predictive Engagement customer journey columns and filters to existing Genesys Cloud performance views. View historical journey data for interactions.

Customize web tracking using JavaScript SDKs

If your organization is using web messaging, this section does not apply. Developers can use the Journey and Messenger JavaScript SDKs to customize how Predictive Engagement tracks and manages customer activity on your website.

Customize mobile journey tracking using app event APIs

Use the app events APIs to track customer interactions on your mobile application. Create action maps for Predictive Engagement to proactively engage with customers using mobile messaging. 

Create third-party integrations with Predictive Engagement

Use Architect workflows and Architect flow actions with Predictive Engagement to build in-house and third-party integrations. Use Predictive Engagement to track campaign-related web activity and create leads with their associated campaign attributes in Salesforce. 

Solutions, best practices, and business scenarios 

If your organization is using web messaging, this section does not apply. Learn about solutions and best practices that enable Genesys Cloud customers to make the most of Predictive Engagement and Genesys Cloud features.

Pre-configured settings 

Learn about the pre-configured settings that Genesys Predictive Engagement contains. The settings cannot be edited.

Pricing and FAQs 

Review the pricing information, FAQs, glossary, and learn about GDPR compliance information.