For information about Predictive Engagement permissions and license requirements, see Predictive Engagement permissions and prerequisites

Genesys Cloud subscriptions, as outlined in Predictive Engagement permissions and prerequisites, include access to Predictive Engagement, a real-time journey analytics platform that observes and analyzes visitors on Genesys Cloud customer websites. As part of the initial onboarding, the administrator deploys the Predictive Engagement web tracking snippet to the company’s website. This deployment starts the accrual of browsing events (typically a page view). 

Charges for Predictive Engagement are per event, for both mobile and web events. 

0.0005 0.00055 0.00065 0.0007 0.00035 0.0004 0.0015 0.06 0.0071


  • Customers who do not deploy the Predictive Engagement web tracking snippet and are unable to use the Predictive Engagement functionality within Genesys Cloud do not incur any charges for predictive engagement events.
  • If your subscription does not have Predictive Engagement enabled, contact your designated Customer Success Manager.
  • For information about volume discounts, contact your designated Customer Success Manager.
  • Existing customers can add Predictive Engagement web events in Admin > Message > Messenger Configurations. Click a configuration name link and in the Apps tab, Predictive Engagement area, enable web tracking.
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