View an interaction’s Predictive Engagement journey data

  • Analytics > Conversation Detail > View 
  • Conversation > Communication > View 
  • JourneyCustomerView
  • Journey EventView
  • JourneyOutcome  View
  • JourneySegment View
  • JourneyVisit View
  • External contacts > Session > View

From an interaction’s detail page, use the Customer Journeys tab to see Predictive Engagement journey data, such as visit details and journey information, for the interaction. If an interaction does not have Predictive Engagement journey data, then the Customer Journeys tab does not appear.

Interactions view

From the Customer Journeys tab, you can view the following information, depending on how Predictive Engagement is configured:

  • Visitor details, such as the visitor’s name, status, and number of visits.
  • Visit dates and duration. If the visitor has multiple dates, select the date you want to see more information about.
  • Visit Journey information, including pages visited and actions on those pages during the selected visit. To see more information about the actions performed, click the action’s icon.
  • Segments assigned to the interaction for the selected visit.
  • Outcome scores for the selected visit.
  • Other visitor information, such as location, device type, operating system, and browser type.