Genesys encourages existing web chat customers to migrate to web messaging.

Feature deprecation: Starting June 10, 2025, Genesys will no longer support ACD Web Chat v2 in Genesys Cloud, which is available to customers via all its corresponding Chat Widget versions. This is further to the deprecation of ACD Web Chat v1, that was announced earlier. For more information, see Deprecation: ACD Web Chat (Rest API).

Also, on December 12, 2018, Genesys began removal of the website-only configuration method. If you previously configured Genesys Cloud web chat using the website-only configuration method, you must set up web chat again using the deployment configuration method then add the generated script to your website. For more information, see Deprecation: Website-only web chat configuration

With the widgets, your customers can chat with your contact center agents directly from your website. Depending on the widget type you select, you can also use features such as Predictive Engagement, user authentication, and enhanced user interface configuration.  Create a web chat implementation in two steps: Create a widget in Genesys Cloud, and then add code to your website.

Widget configuration in Genesys Cloud

Choose which type widget version you want to use and configure how you want it to work by using settings in Genesys Cloud. 

Web chat on your website

Authenticated web chat

Require users to authenticate with your website before they can start a web chat. Authenticated web chat requires configuration work from website developers.

Agent chat interactions 

Set the image and name for an agent during a chat interaction using web chat. Answer, respond to, and complete web chat interactions, including those interactions with Predictive Engagement customer journey information. Simulate chat interactions using the web chat developer tool.

Genesys Cloud features and widgets

Use other Genesys Cloud features, such as the ability to gather more information about a customer’s experience or share screens and experiences with agents, with the different types of widgets. 

Solutions, best practices, and business scenarios 

Learn about solutions and best practices that enable Genesys Cloud customers to make the most of widgets and Genesys Cloud features.