Widget feature comparison

Genesys encourages existing web chat customers to migrate to web messaging.

Feature deprecation: Starting January 27, 2025, Genesys will no longer support the Screenshare and Legacy Co-browse functions for chat and voice in Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Deprecation: Legacy Co-browse and Screenshare

All of the widgets available in Genesys Cloud allow customers to chat with agents from your website. However, each widget version has different features. Use the following table to help you decide the widget version to select when you create a widget for web chat.

Note: The Version 2 widget represents a major redesign of the Version 1.1. and Version 1.0 widgets. For that reason, there are more differences between Version 2 and the 1.x versions. The table lists the major features that each version supports, but does not list all the differences.
Feature Version 2 Third Party Version 1.1 Version 1.0
Use with Predictive Engagement X
Optimized for mobile X X*
Use with guest and agent chat APIs X X X
Use with screen share X
Use with co-browse X
Allowed domains X X
Appearance customization options  X (Advanced) X
Accessibility support  X (Advanced)
Authenticated chat X* X X
Chat flows  X X X
Chatbots X X X
Ability to embed the chat widget on a webpage X X* X X
Ability to render chat in a new pop-up window X* X X
Agent alias and agent image X X* X X
Speech and text analytics X
* This feature depends on your third party widget capabilities.

  • To ensure full feature functionality supported for Version 2 widgets, use the most recent script version in the Developer Center. For more information, see Widget – Version 2 in the Developer Center.
  • Version 1.1, 2, and third party widgets, which use the Guest chat APIs, have a 15-minute time-out. If a guest does not send any messages for 15 minutes while connected to an agent, the system automatically disconnects the guest. This timeout only applies while the guest is connected to an agent. The time-out does not apply while the guest is waiting in queue. You cannot change the time-out length. For more information, see, Guest Chat APIs in the Developer Center.
  • The Version 1.0 widget has a 45-minute time-out. This time-out applies throughout the chat, even if the guest is waiting in queue and is not connected to an agent. You cannot change the time-out length. 
  • Advanced appearance customization for the Version 2 widget enables developers to use themes to apply colors and fonts. For more information, see Customize appearance.
  • Genesys provides accessibility support for the Version 2 widget, aligned to the W3C specs for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA. For more information, see Accessibility.