When you configure BYOC Cloud, you must inform your carrier of the Genesys Cloud IP addresses. The Genesys Cloud IP addresses are listed in the Regional Public SIP Signaling Resources tables in this article.

Use the IP addresses that correspond to the AWS region in which the Organization is based.

For example, if the Organization is based in the us-east-1 region, then you would inform the carrier to use the Genesys Cloud IP addresses listed in that table. 

There are four IP addresses in each region. You must add all four IP addresses to your allowlist in order for calls from Genesys Cloud to your carrier to work properly. Furthermore, you must work with your carrier to load balance all incoming calls using those four IP addresses. Genesys Cloud load balances all outgoing calls among those same four IP addresses. This load balancing scheme allows Genesys Cloud to keep traffic balanced across our entire customer base.

For more information, see About ports and services for your firewall


US East (Northern Virginia) / use1

DNS SRV – byoc.use1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.use1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.use1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.use1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.use1.pure.cloud

US East (Ohio) / use2.us.gov

DNS SRV – byoc.use2.us-gov-pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.use2.us-gov-pure.cloud lb02.voice.use2.us-gov-pure.cloud lb03.voice.use2.us-gov-pure.cloud  lb04.voice.use2.us-gov-pure.cloud

US West (Oregon) / usw2

DNS SRV – byoc.usw2.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.usw2.pure.cloud lb02.voice.usw2.pure.cloud lb03.voice.usw2.pure.cloud lb04.voice.usw2.pure.cloud

Canada (Central) / cac1

DNS SRV – byoc.cac1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.cac1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.cac1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.cac1.pure.cloud  lb04.voice.cac1.pure.cloud

South America (São Paulo) / sae1

DNS SRV – byoc.sae1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.sae1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.sae1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.sae1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.sae1.pure.cloud

Europe (Ireland) / euw1

DNS SRV – byoc.euw1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.euw1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.euw1.pure.cloud  lb03.voice.euw1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.euw1.pure.cloud

Europe (London) / euw2

DNS SRV byoc.euw2.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.euw2.pure.cloud lb02.voice.euw2.pure.cloud lb03.voice.euw2.pure.cloud lb04.voice.euw2.pure.cloud

Europe (Frankfurt) / euc1

DNS SRV – byoc.euc1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.euc1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.euc1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.euc1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.euc1.pure.cloud

Europe (Zurich) / euc2 

DNS SRV – byoc.euc2.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.euc2.pure.cloud lb02.voice.euc2.pure.cloud lb03.voice.euc2.pure.cloud lb04.voice.euc2.pure.cloud

Middle East (UAE) / mec1 

DNS SRV – byoc.mec1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.mec1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.mec1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.mec1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.mec1.pure.cloud

Asia Pacific (Mumbai) / aps1

DNS SRV – byoc.aps1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.aps1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.aps1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.aps1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.aps1.pure.cloud

Asia Pacific (Sydney) / apse2

DNS SRV – byoc.apse2.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.apse2.pure.cloud lb02.voice.apse2.pure.cloud lb03.voice.apse2.pure.cloud lb04.voice.apse2.pure.cloud

Asia Pacific (Tokyo) / apne1

DNS SRV – byoc.apne1.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.apne1.pure.cloud lb02.voice.apne1.pure.cloud lb03.voice.apne1.pure.cloud lb04.voice.apne1.pure.cloud

Asia Pacific (Seoul) / apne2

DNS SRV – byoc.apne2.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.apne2.pure.cloud lb02.voice.apne2.pure.cloud lb03.voice.apne2.pure.cloud lb04.voice.apne2.pure.cloud

Asia Pacific (Osaka) / apne3

DNS SRV – byoc.apne3.pure.cloud

IP Addresses Load Balancer DNS Names lb01.voice.apne3.pure.cloud lb02.voice.apne3.pure.cloud lb03.voice.apne3.pure.cloud lb04.voice.apne3.pure.cloud


Modified date

Added load balancing addresses for new regions: Asia Pacific (Osaka) / apne3, Europe (Zurich) / euc2, and Middle East (UAE) / mec1.


Updated the load balancing addresses that were using legacy domain names. No impact to functionality as both the legacy and new domain names work. The following domain names were updated:

Legacy domain name New domain names
us-east-1.mypurecloud.com use1.pure.cloud
eu-west-1.mypurecloud.ie euw1.pure.cloud
eu-central-1.mypurecloud.de euc1.pure.cloud
ap-northeast-1.mypurecloud.jp apne1.pure.cloud
ap-southeast-2.mypurecloud.com.au apse2.pure.cloud