Complete the agent training

Check out the Introduction to Genesys Cloud for contact center agents course.

Get started with Genesys Cloud

Log in, complete your profile, and select a phone so others can call you and you can complete voice interactions. Change your personal settings and begin using Genesys Cloud to collaborate with others in your organization. 

Prepare for interactions

Learn about presence and status for agents, choose which queues to work, and go on queue to accept interactions.

Accept interactions

While on queue, accept and complete interactions.

Request assistance

Ask a logged-in supervisor for assistance.

Gauge your performance

Review completed interaction evaluations. Gauge your historical performance in comparison to your team’s performance. View information about your statuses, evaluations, and schedule. View the performance of the queues you are a member of. 

Log out

At the end of each shift, log out of Genesys Cloud.