Navigate the Interactions panel

Feature coming soon: Agent Desktop Profile Panel Enhancements. For more information, see the Genesys Community.

Feature deprecation: Expand/collapse button in the agent interactions UI. For more information, see Removal of collapse/expand control to enforce full width agent interaction UI.


The following permissions:

  • Scripter > Published Script > View (to use scripts)
  • Responses > Library > View (to use canned responses)
  • External Contacts > All (to use External Contacts)

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CX agent workspace CX digital agent workspace

The following content applies to the CX agent workspace.

When you go on queue to accept new interactions, the Interactions panel opens.

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The Agent Interactions UI showing several interactions.

When you are not on queue, to view the Interactions panel, click Interactions .

New and current interactions appear on the left side in the Interactions list, or roster. To answer, decline, or view an interaction, select it from the list.

The right side of the Interactions panel features icons for tabs that can include Script, Profile, Customer Journey, Canned Responses, Notes, and Wrap-up Codes. To customize the size of this panel, click the resizer and select from four different widths.

Note: Administrators can specify the default tab for agent interactions. If an administrator does not specify a default panel, the conversation area opens to the full width.

While on queue, you can select and use other parts of Genesys Cloud. For example, you can do the following:

  • To see all Genesys Cloud users in your organization, under Directory, click My Organization.
  • To see your organization’s External Contacts, under Directory, click External Contacts.
  • To see a list of your favorite users, from the sidebar, click Favorites .
  • To switch channels during an interaction, on the interaction card, click Start an interaction . From the list, select the channel you want to switch to. Genesys Cloud groups all interaction channels for a contact.
  • To make a call that is not related to a queue, click Calls .
    Note: You can still receive new voice interactions while you are on queue. When you accept a voice interaction while you are on a non-queue call, Genesys Cloud places the non-queue call on hold. If you take the non-queue call off hold, Genesys Cloud places the voice interaction on hold.

The following content applies to the CX digital agent workspace.

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Elements in the CX digital agent workspace

Elements of the CX digital agent workspace

Number Element
1 The Conversations section of the omnichannel work queue shows the active messaging sessions of the live agent.
2 In the panel selector, the agent can select which panels are displayed on the workspace. These options give further help or insight to the ongoing conversations.
3 Notifications, agent status, and Menu Controls options.
4 The Emails section of the omnichannel work queue shows the active email sessions of the live agent.
5 The active work item column shows the activated, ongoing live session.
6 The Genesys Agent Assist offers answers to customer questions based on the content of the chat conversation, or by manual search.

The omnichannel work queue gives on overview about active discussions, live sessions, messages and e-mails.

  • Conversations lets you overview the ongoing chat sessions with customers. The CX digital agent workspace updates chat sessions in real-time. If you select a chat session from the Live sessions, it becomes your active work item.
  • Emails lists email sessions.

    Conversations in the CX digital agent workspace

    Example for conversation channels

    The icon in the bottom right corner of the conversation box indicates the channel through which the customer initiated the conversation.

    The first example shows a customer who initiated the conversation from Facebook Messenger. The second example shows a a customer who initiated the interaction from WhatsApp.

    Conversation channels

    Note: You cannot answer a message initiated from WhatsApp after 24 hours.

    To work with an assigned chat, click it on the left side of the workspace under Conversations. The queue lists every live session you have.

    • A red dot indicates that a customer waits for a response. The timer indicates the elapsed time since the customer's last message.

    A customer is waiting for a reply

    • When the customer sends more than one message, multiple red dots appear next to their name.

    Unattended conversation

    The timer under the red alert dot may indicate two cases:

    • If the chat is newly assigned to the agent, the timer counts down the available time during which the agent can answer the conversation.
      If the agent does not answer the conversation, their status is set to Away and the conversation is reassigned to another Agent.
    • If the agent has answered the chat and the conversation is ongoing, the timer shows the elapsed time since the customer's first unattended message.

    Note: The timer continues to tick on until the agent answers the message. It is not enough to open the messaging session as an active work item.