Speech and text analytics settings


  • Master Admin role.  

    Speech and text analytics is a set of features that provide automated speech and text analytics capabilities on 100% of interactions to provide deep insight into customer-agent conversations.

    From the speech and text analytics settings page, you can enable voice transcription and select a default program.

    Voice transcription transcribes voice interactions (for example, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls) in the contact center into written words that are stored as speaker separated conversational text. For more information, see About voice transcription.

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Quality, click Speech and Text Analytics Settings.
    3. Under Voice Transcription, select Enabled by Queue or Flow Configuration.
    4. Under Word Confidence, set the minimum confidence threshold required for a word to be displayed in a transcript. The default value for Word Confidence is set to 60.
    5. Turn on Transcript Content Search if you want all voice transcripts and digital interaction content for the last 90 days to be searchable. 
    6. Click Save.
    7. Complete the remaining steps in Configure voice transcription.