Phone configuration consists of two steps. First, you create a base settings configuration. Then, you create a phone and assign it a base settings configuration.

Base settings

The base settings essentially allow you to select a particular phone make and model and to configure how that phone functions in Genesys Cloud by establishing a common set of settings that all phones of that make and model use and inherit. When you create base settings, you begin by assigning the configuration an appropriate name and then you select the appropriate phone make and model from the list of supported phones. When you do, Genesys Cloud assigns a default configuration to the base settings that is designed for that particular phone make and model. At this point, you can save the base settings with the default configuration. Alternatively, you can override the default configuration by customizing any of the settings as you require before you save the base settings.

You can assign a single base settings configuration to multiple phones.

 Note: Once you create a base settings configuration and assign it to a group of phones, you need to be aware that if you later make a change to that base settings configuration, then all the phones using that base settings will need to reload the new settings, which could cause unintended problems. As such, you should change the base settings configuration sparingly.

Phone settings

The phone settings allow you to identify a specific phone and then configure how that phone is to operate in Genesys Cloud by assigning it a corresponding base settings configuration. When you create a phone, you begin by assigning the phone an appropriate name and then you select the base settings configuration. You then identify a specific phone using the appropriate options, such as a MAC address for a hardware phone or a remote address for a remote phone. In addition, you’ll need to select a site.  At this point, you can save the phone and it automatically inherits the default configuration specified in the base settings. Alternatively, you can customize the phone by altering any of the settings that it inherited from the base settings configuration-without affecting the original base settings configuration.


Each phone that Genesys Cloud supports has its own phone configuration article that describes the base settings and phone settings for that particular phone. For more information, see About managed phone configuration or About unmanaged phone configuration.