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Any phone, such as a cell phone, can be configured to work with Genesys Cloud using a remote phone base settings profile. This profile contains only a few basic configuration settings. These settings are found on the Base Phone tab.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
  3. Click the Base Settings tab.
  4. Click Add Base Settings

Base Phone tab

Configure settings on the Base Phone tab.

  1. Type a name in the Base Settings Name box.
  2. From the Phone Make and Model drop-down list, select Remote.
  3. Choose one of the following steps:
  • To use the default base settings, click Save Base Settings and proceed to the Create a remote phone article.
  • To customize the base settings, proceed to the Customize the base settings section of this article.

Customize the base settings

In the Phone Configuration section of the Base Phone tab, there are two expandable sections: General and Custom that allow you to change the base settings for a remote phone. 

To customize the base settings:

  1. Select the appropriate settings from each expandable section.

Setting Description
Use Originating Address

Disabled (Default): The Edge uses the default caller ID setting specified by the Prioritized Caller Selection feature in the trunk configuration.

Enabled: Configure the Edge to pass the original caller’s info as the ANI when calling the remote station leg.

For more information, see External trunk settings and Use the Prioritized Caller Selection feature to configure caller ID information.

Persistent Connection Settings

When the persistent connection feature is disabled, Genesys Cloud must create a connection for every call.

When you enable the persistent connection feature and set a timeout value, you improve Genesys Cloud’s ability to process subsequent calls. More specifically, calls that come in while the connection is still active, are handled more efficiently because they can immediately use the existing connection.

Note: While remote phones support the persistent connection feature, they do not support the auto answer feature. 

Persistent Connection

Disabled (Default): Do not use persistent connection feature.

Enabled: Turn on persistent connection feature.

Persistent Connection Timeout Sets the amount of time, in seconds, that the open connection can remain idle before Genesys Cloud automatically closes it.

The Custom option is designed to allow Genesys Cloud Customer Care personnel to alter a phone configuration for troubleshooting or special circumstances. You should only enter custom property settings as directed by Genesys Cloud Customer Care.
Setting Description
Property Name The name to assign to the custom property.
Data Type  The data type for the custom property.
Value The value to assign the custom property.

  1. To use the custom base settings, click Save Base Settings.
  2. Once you have created base settings for a remote phone, you can Create a remote phone.