This video series demonstrates a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to implementing an intelligent digital bot solution from start to finish.

Genesys conversational AI solution: Front-end user experience

This video gives you a sneak peek into the front-end user experience of a Genesys Conversational AI solution. Watch the subsequent videos to learn how it is built. 

Set up Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for a digital bot flow

This video demonstrates how to set up natural language understanding in a Genesys Cloud Digital Bot Flow.

Set up knowledge articles

This video helps you learn about the knowledge workbench and how to create and configure knowledge base question and answer articles.

Build Genesys Digital Bot flows in Architect

This video describes how to set up tasks and actions for a Genesys Digital Bot Flow in Architect.

Utterance history and intent miner

This video describes how to use utterance history and intent miner in a Genesys Digital Bot Flow. 

Handle multiple languages

This video explores how to handle multiple languages in a Genesys Digital Bot Flow.