The knowledge workbench allows a knowledge author to create and manage knowledge articles, fine-tune the search process, and view the performance of knowledge bases. Knowledge bases are sets of predefined knowledge articles that respond to queries by customers. To access this feature, make sure that you have access to Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows. 

Understand the knowledge base

Add predefined questions and answers that allow knowledge services to understand and respond to conversations, and ensure that customers get the answers they need.

Work with categories and labels in the knowledge base

Create knowledge articles 

Create touchpoint variations

Touchpoint variations enable you to tailor the same answer according to a specific touchpoint. These touchpoints include Agent Assist, Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows, Genesys Digital Bot Flows, Support Center, and Knowledge app for Messenger.

Manage knowledge articles

Use the knowledge optimizer to improve the health of a knowledge base

Use the support center with a knowledge base

The support center presents knowledge base articles to customers so that they can easily navigate the self-service experience. Customers can search within the articles, browse by categories, and initiate conversation with a chat bot or an agent.

Additional resources

Access more resources to help design and build bots and bot flows in Architect.