Agents Evaluation Detail view

Note: This article is about the most recent version of the Agents Performance views. For help with the classic version, see Classic Agents Performance views.

The following permissions:

  • UISupervisor Agent Details > View
  • Directory > User > View
  • QualityEvaluation View
  • Routing QueueJoin

The Agents Evaluation Detail view displays information about an agent’s evaluations. This view shows all completed and released evaluations for an agent during the selected time period.

To view the Agents Evaluation Detail view:

  1. Click PerformanceAgents
  2. Click the Status Summary tab. The Agents Evaluation Summary view appears. 
  3. Click an agent.
  4. To see the most current data, click Refresh . This view does not update automatically. 
  5. To save the view with the your filter and column settings, click Save .
  6. To export the data in the view, click Export .
  7. To view the agent’s schedule, click Schedule .
  8. From this view, click the tabs to open to the agent’s Status Summary, Evaluations, InteractionsQueues, or Wrap-Up detail views.
Note: Each view has its own permissions. For permission requirements, see each view’s article.

Activate agents in queues

Activate and deactivate queues for agents. After you activate a queue for an agent, when the agent’s status is On Queue, the agent receives interactions from that queue. Agents can also choose the queues to work themselves. To activate a queue for an agent, the agent must be a member of that queue.

To activate an agent for a queue from this view:

  1. Click the Queue Activation icon. Queue Activation icon
  2. Select the queues you want the agent to work.

Customize the view

Customize the Agents Evaluation Summary view to show only certain data. For example, you can choose to show only certain columns or filter to show previous weeks. Your customizations remain as you navigate from view to view or leave and return to a view. You can also save your filter and column settings as a saved view to quickly switch between different data of interest in the same view. 

Filter by users to populate the summary row with aggregate data about those users.

This view shows all completed and released evaluations for an agent during the selected time period.

To use date filters to customize analytics views:

  1. Click the icon for a date filter. Queues Performance date filter
  2. Click a view option for the chosen date filter.Queues Performance date filter options

The view displays data for the selected date filter.

If the selected date filter includes the current interval, then PureCloud refreshes the view every 30 minutes to get the most up-to-date information. If you would like to update the current interval statistics, then refresh the page. If the selected date filter shows historical data (past intervals), then the view does not refresh.

Note: Some views do not include all date filter options.

Icon Time Period Options
Queues performance day icon Day

Day: Shows data for a single 24-hour day.

Interval: Shows data for a 30-minute time period. To view the current interval, click Current Interval next to the date display. 

Note: The Queues Performance Detail view does not include this option because the view already shows intervals in the data grid.

Queues performance week icon Week

Week: Shows data for a Sunday through Saturday time period.

Previous 7 days: Shows data for the previous 7 days, with today being the seventh day.

Queues performance month icon Month

Day: Shows data for the exact month with no extra days.

Week: Shows data for a calendar month starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Includes extra days if the month does not start on Sunday.

Queues performance custom icon Custom date range Date range picker: Shows data for the range of dates that you select with the date picker. Click a start date and an end date on the calendar, then click Date picker apply

To view data for a different time period using the same filter settings, click the arrows on either side of the date display. For example, to view data for the previous day, click the day filter and then click the arrow on the left side of the date.Queues performance date

To view data for the time period that includes the current interval, click Today or Current Interval as applicable. These links only appear when you view historical data that doe not include the current date and time. Queues Performance view current day or interval

To show or hide columns, click and then select the columns you want to view. 

To rearrange columns, click a column header and drag it.

Available metrics

Your customizations determine which metric columns the view shows.

Metric Definition

The number of evaluations released for the selected agents. 

Avg Score

The average score of evaluations released for the selected agents.

Avg Critical Score

The average critical score of released evaluations completed for selected agents.

Highest Score

The highest evaluation score an agent received for released evaluations.

Lowest Score

The lowest evaluation score an agent received for released evaluations.

Highest Critical Score

The highest critical evaluation score an agent received for released evaluations.

Lowest Critical Score

The lowest critical evaluation score an agent received for released evaluations.