The following permissions:

  • Conversation > Email > Accept
  • Conversation > Email > Create
  • Conversation > Email > Forward
  • Routing > Agent > OnQueue

Email interactions enable you to receive and reply to customer email messages. Depending on organization and queue settings, you can receive multiple email messages at the same time or email messages while handling other interactions. For more information about handling multiple types of interactions at the same time, see Manage multiple interactions.

Genesys Cloud uses automatic call distribution (ACD) to route email interactions to you via queues. Genesys Cloud routes email messages to you based on the queue’s evaluation and routing methods. For example, Genesys Cloud routes an email message to you for any of the following reasons:

  • You speak the same language as the customer.
  • You have particular skills.
  • You are the next available agent. 


  • During email interactions, you can find and send canned responses and use a script to guide you through interactions. Scripts prompt you to ask questions or allow you to update contact information.
  • To ask for help from a supervisor during an interaction, you can use Agent assistance.
  • Genesys Cloud automatically saves email drafts, and you can see drafts when you view an email interaction.
  • If your admin enables auto answer for email interactions, then to alert you of a new email interaction, Genesys Cloud plays a short audible alert. For more information, see Create and configure queues.