Reply to an email message interaction

  1. From the Active Interactions list, select the email message you want to respond to.
  2. Click Reply . Alternatively, if multiple parties received the email message and you want to respond to all parties, click Reply All.
    • If the sender of the original message specified a custom reply-to address, Genesys Cloud uses this address when you reply.
    • Genesys Cloud supports one reply-to address. If the sender specified more than one reply-to address, then Genesys Cloud uses the first one when you reply.
    • If your admin has configured signatures for email interactions, to avoid duplicates, do not manually add a signature to your outgoing email interactions.
  3. (Optional) To include the previous messages of an email thread, click Show Message History.
  4. Type a response. You can also add inline images or attachments.
    For help on formatting the text in your response, see Format text in an email message.
  5. Click Send.
  6. Complete any required after contact work.