Manage multiple interactions

Depending on your organization settings, you can receive and work with multiple interactions and types of interactions at the same time. For example, you could work with two chats at one time or receive a call while answering chats. Or you could work with two email interactions and a place a call on behalf of a queue.

Note: For more information, see Agent utilization.

When you go on queue to accept new interactions, the Interactions panel opens. When you are not on queue, to view the Interactions panel, click Interactions .

To accept a new interaction, click Answer. To refuse an incoming interaction, click Decline. For more information, see Accept and complete interactions

On the left side, the Interactions list, or roster, new and current interactions appear. Each interaction appears separately in the list. If an external contact has multiple interactions on different channels, Genesys Cloud groups that external contact’s interactions together. To work with an interaction, select its card from the Interactions list.

To track your current interactions, use the Interactions list. Timers and status icons indicate the type of interaction, its status–active or after-call work (ACW), and the duration of the interaction’s current status.

Note: Administrators can set queues so that you do not receive certain types of interactions while you handle other types of interactions. For example, an admin can set a queue so that you do not receive chat interactions while you handle a voice interaction. If you think that you are not receiving interactions, contact your supervisor.

Important: To build the interaction history for a contact and organization, remember to always link the contact that is associated with an interaction.