About ACD emails

Using Genesys Cloud ACD email, your agents can send and receive email through your own domain or the Genesys Cloud domain. You can install the SMTP integration to send email from your own server, define routing and evaluation methods and route emails considering skills, language, priority, and agent utilization. You can also monitor queue activity, and view and analyze completed email interactions.

About ACD email

Genesys Cloud routes incoming email messages through ACD just like it routes calls and chats, using the same routing and evaluation methods and considering skills, language, priority, and agent utilization. 

Provision domain

Set up ACD email

Learn about the different routing scenarios and how to set up ACD email.


Learn to define the routing logic based on the actions that happen on the flow, and route emails using Architect and Genesys Cloud.

Analyze email interaction data

View the details and performances of in-progress and completed interactions.

Messages for agents