External contacts are people who are outside your Genesys Cloud organization and who can be associated with external organizations. During interactions, agents can view and update information about these contacts or create new contacts. The contact’s profile contains data about the contact, such as name, address, account number, and interaction history. After an agent verifies that a contact profile matches the customer in an interaction, Genesys Cloud adds the interaction to the contact’s interaction history.

Interact with external contacts

Learn how you can place calls, send email messages, and transfer voice interactions to external contacts.

Find and verify external contacts

Genesys Cloud automatically attempts to locate and verify the external contact in an interaction. If necessary, you can cancel the verification and search for a different contact. If you don’t find the contact you need, you can create a new one.

Explore profiles and interaction history

Each contact and organization has a profile that lets you see all their pertinent details in one page. You can edit the profiles if necessary. Each profile contains the interaction history, which is the complete record of all interactions your company has had with the contact or organization.

Note: Newly created or updated contacts may take several minutes to appear in the agent view for inbound interactions.